The Festival

The Festival will encompass all that is great with Saskatchewan food. With producers, bakers, chefs, and food lovers combined we will take the essence of our province's delicacies and provide an tasting experience like no other. Coming September 23rd, 2023 from 12-7 in Regina's amazing Warehouse District!

Wanting to participate? Click the link below to discover how you can be part of this delicious event!

Trivia with Mystery Mansions

Join the ultimate trivia competition! Put your knowledge to the test in a thrilling battle of wits. Gather your friends or go solo as you answer brain-teasers on from Mitch at Mystery Mansion Escape Rooms. Exciting prizes await the brightest minds. Get ready to show off your expertise and claim the title of trivia champion! Don't miss this chance to challenge yourself and have a blast while doing it.


Featuring buskers, community organizations and more. The Snackatchewan Stage will provide entertainment throughout the day. Want to participate? Send us a note below.