Are you a performer?

Do you play an instrument? Have an act or another kind of performance? Apply now!

Tip Potential

Our food market visitors are known for their generosity and appreciation of talented performers. With their support, you can enjoy the potential for substantial tips, providing an additional incentive to showcase your best acts and make your time at the market financially rewarding.

Vibrant Atmosphere

Imagine the buzzing atmosphere of a food market infused with the mesmerizing sounds, captivating performances, and infectious energy of live entertainment. Your act will add an extra dimension to the overall ambiance, creating an unforgettable experience for visitors.

Dynamic Performance Spaces

Snackatchewan features various performance areas, ensuring that your act can be tailored to the ideal setting. Whether you prefer a bustling street corner, a central stage, or an intimate gathering space, we have the perfect spot to enhance your performance and engage the audience.

Captive Audience

Snackatchewan draws a diverse and enthusiastic crowd of food lovers, families, and tourists, all hungry for an incredible sensory experience. As an entertainer, you'll have a captivated audience ready to be amazed and delighted by your talents.