What is it?

Get ready for an exhilarating day on June 8th as children from all corners of the city come together to make a difference! They’ll be running lemonade stands to raise funds for REACH, spreading joy and support throughout the community. Equipped with kits containing refreshing lemonade powder and promotional materials, these young entrepreneurs will embark on their mission. On the big day, they’ll set up their vibrant lemonade stands and dive into sales, all with the goal of supporting REACH’s incredible work. But that’s not all! Leading up to the event, we’ll have online donation options available, ensuring that everyone can contribute to this fantastic cause. Get ready to be inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of our city’s youth as they make a positive impact on the world!

There will be prizes for the most sold and the best looking Lemonade Stand!

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How can you support as a member of the public?


Find a online lemonade stand and donate here!

In Person

Shop around the city for a lemonade stand and buy your lemonade in person!


Most frequent questions and answers

To keep in line with health regulations, lemonade must be made from pre-approved mix.

You can either submit as a lump donation on your online site or drop off at the REACH office after the day!

To keep in line with Saskatchewan Health Authority regulations, only lemonade or iced tea food items can be sold. Other items such as bracelets etc. may be sold with no issues!

There will be prizes for the most money raised as well as the best decorated and designed lemonade stand.

You can set the prices if you wish but we will also provide suggested prices in the information package.

You can pick the information package up from the REACH office anytime after June 1st.