Sponsoring Snackatchewan is not only a delicious opportunity but also a smart investment in your community. By supporting a local food, you become an integral part of showcasing the vibrant culinary scene and supporting local businesses. Your sponsorship allows you to align your brand with the values of community, creativity, and gastronomic exploration. It provides a platform for you to engage directly with potential customers, build brand awareness, and create lasting connections. Furthermore, sponsoring Snackatchewan demonstrates your commitment to promoting local agriculture, sustainable practices, and regional cuisine. By investing in the success of the food fair, you contribute to the economic growth of your community and foster a sense of pride and unity among its residents.

So, seize the opportunity to sponsor Snackatchewan and relish the rewards of being a community-minded brand.

Patron Level - $5000

  • All forms of written media acknowledgement including posters, social media posts, leaflets and handouts with a large logo.
  • Large logo on Snackatchewan main website for one calendar year.
  • Sandwich board sign at all major events.
  • Name on main event stage at event.
  • Opportunity to have a tent at the event with promotional material.

Foodie Level - $2500

  • Sandwich sign at all major events.
  • Large logo on Snackatchewan website for 6 months following event.
  • Acknowledgement in all written media including a small logo on poster and handouts.
  • Opportunity to have a tent at the event with promotional material.

Grazer Level - $500

  • Shared Sandwich board sign at event.
  • Small Logo on Snackatchewan webpage for the month of the event and following three months.
  • Small logo in promotional material.
  • Opportunity to have a promotional booth at the event.

Friend Level - $100

Thank you on website.