Snacks 4 Sask Kids

Our coupons help raise funds for organizations such as Regina Food for Learning!
For only $20 you get a coupon for a drip coffee and breakfast type food from participating local coffee shops. The rest goes to feed hungry kids in schools. You’re donation can help feed up to 5 children breakfast!

Coupons valid starting January 1st, 2024


Hunger affects learning

Did you know that the amount of kids going hungry in schools is on the rise in Saskatchewan? Going hungry affects learning dramatically. There are several organizations in Saskatchewan hoping to feed kids and help them succeed in school. Snackatchewan has teamed up with Regina Food for Learning to fight hunger with a fundraiser called “Snacks 4 Sask Kids (S4SK)”.

Regina Food For Learning is a non-profit organization that goes into Regina schools and feeds hungry children. There is an increase in demand this year and their usage is up dramatically. You can read more about them at

Regina Food For Learning feeds:

1104 kids

Regina Food For Learning feeds ~1104 kids over 1100 breakfasts, lunches and snacks a day.

15 Schools

Regina Food for Learning is in 15 schools this year! That's up from 14 last year!

Where to buy the card!?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy the card online?
How much goes to the organization?

It varies between coffee shop but it averages around ~$15 to the organization per card.  $1 is used for advertising and printing purposes.

Can I donate more?

Of course, you can! Anything above the $20 we will give straight to the non-profit.

Does the card include a tip at the coffee shop?

No sorry the card does not include a tip at the coffee shop. The employees would still appreciate one though!