Become a Vendor!

Becoming a vendor at Snackatchewan is easy, but why should you be involved?

A Foodie’s Paradise: Picture yourself in a vibrant and buzzing food haven, surrounded by like-minded individuals who are passionate about exploring new tastes and flavours. Snackatchewan offers a one-of-a-kind culinary experience that attracts foodies from every corner of the city. Tap into this hungry crowd and let your delectable dishes steal the spotlight!

Economical Entrance Fees

Snackatchewan exists to help local cuisine and producers. Our fees are set at a rate to provide an economically feasible  opportunity!

Community Involvement

Snackatchewan is all about community. Do you have a community organization that wishes to participate? Contact us for special rates for non-profits!

Unforgettable Experience

Engage with guests, witness their smiles of satisfaction, and receive immediate feedback. Snackatchewan provides a dynamic, and lively setting that will make your journey as a food vendor truly exceptional.

Experienced Organizers

With 5 Food Truck Wars with attendance ranging from 6,000-13,000 people, the Snackatchewan organizers have a vast amount of experience running food events.

Market Yourself!

We will provide you a fantastic opportunity to market your brand and showcase your product in front of a crowd of food enthusiasts!

Unleash Your Creativity!

At Snackatchewan, we celebrate uniqueness and creativity. Stand out from the crowd with your innovative recipes, bold flavours, and stunning presentations. 

Definitions and SHA Requirements:

The Sask Health Authority will contact all applicants to determine proper methods and safety precautions are being followed.

Food Trucks

Independently licenced and self contained food trucks. Snackatchewan does not need further information but the health inspector requires a list to double check.

Certified Restaurant

Licensed restaurant facilities with food prepared according to SHA standards and authorization. Food is not allowed to be prepared on site, and has to use licenced kitchen for preparation.

Home Kitchen

Primarily baked low-risk goods. A separate form will need to be completed and returned. The health inspector will be in contact in order to determine proper safety precautions and approve all recipes.

Packaged Food

Food produced in inspected and approved facilities that’s already packaged and ready for resale.

All vendors will abide by SHA requirements.

Setup will be 2 hours before opening.


Q. Who takes the payments for purchases?

A. Payments are the responsibility of the vendor.

Q. Who set’s the prices?

A. The prices will be set by the vendor.

Q. Who controls the menu?

A. That’s all up to you!

Q. Who provides the booth setups?

A. You will have a 10×10 space and will need to provide what you need for the event. SHA will tell you what is needed in your booth.

Q. What if I need to restock during the day?

A. We will have a drop off location available to do quick food drops.