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The Great Mosaic Sausage Tour

Every year at Mosaic I do the Mosaic Sausage Tour. This year I dragged my friend Sheldon along and documented the experience!  

1. Italian

The Italian Sausage was 100% homemade and delicious. I enjoy a little extra spice and this sausage definitely had a bit of kick too it. That extra pizazz launched it into first position.

2. Hungarian

The Hungarian's made a delicious sausage. It tasted homemade, had a little curve to it and just the amount of juice. Grade A most definitely.

3. Austrian

The Austrian's also had a little bit of a kick too it. The flavour was exquisite and presentation was delightful.

4. Romanian

They advertised it as garlic sausage and that's exactly what it is. It tasted like they had an entire bulb of garlic ground up inside each sausage. I mean I LOVE garlic so this was pleasant but it was essentially eating a garlic clove with the texture of sausage AKA delicious.

5. Polish

The Polish sausage was a dryer sausage and it's all personal preference. It was still delicious as all sausages are but still a solid number 5 in this ranking. Video has a special appearance from Sheldon!

6. Kyiv Ukrainian
7. Poltava Ukrainian

The Ukrainians make some pretty good sausage! These last two seemed to lack the flavour of previous sausages I've had here. I was expecting them to be higher up on the list as this is the my go to sausage at home.

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